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LGBT Pride is a simple and fast way to find out all the latest information about pride events near you, find out
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22 March 2012

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We all carve for love. But to find our true love is a matter of luck. Now for Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Trans the prospect of finding your true love even gets difficult owing to several social constraints. But to make you life easy to certain extent LGBT Pride 1.08 definitely can help. This app will open up your world and act as a magical lamp which will give you all the information of pride events that are organized in your cities. Other than finding the boyfriends and girlfriends in same genre in these events, the app also can be a massive aid in helping you find clubs, bars, restaurants and other hotspots that are exclusively for Gays and Lesbians.

This exclusive app will work on your mobile and you can get updates any moments and anywhere you are. The LGBT Pride 1.08 comprises some of the unique features which are highly cool and in fact can be helpful in many criterions. Its scene guide feature gives a vivid display of map at your locality where in clubs and community centers are marked perfectly and you will not have any issue to discover them. The search feature will help you to find people and via your GPS enabled mobile you can come in contact with them. It gives you the ability to make profiles on it, search other profiles and also chat with the ones you are interested in. The app is very light weight and asks no spending from your pocket during installation or during execution.

LGBT Pride 1.08 is a terrific invention that can help many Gay and Lesbians find their true love and be a great assistance for many others to come in contact with others. A rating of 3 is perfect for this app as it is free to use and not to forget its significance in lives of Gays and Lesbians.

Publisher's description

LGBT Pride is a simple and fast way to find out all the latest information about pride events near you, find out where LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans) friendly bars, clubs restaurants are and find new friends.
Using your GPS enabled mobile phone the app will identify your physical location so that you can chat and meet with people close to you. You can also filter the list of people near by to closer match your personal preferences. You actual location is never disclosed however your relative distance can be seen should you choose to allow it.
The scene guide feature will show a map of your area and display markers showing the location of clubs, bars, restaurants saunas, and places for help and support with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans related issues.
Proximity Search
Search for people nearby and filter the results to just the people you are interested in.
Have your own profile and also mark other profiles as favourites
Scene Guide and Pride Directory
A localized scene guide to all of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans) friendly clubs, bars, restaurants, saunas and places of help and support is available (get listed) as well a directory of pride events going on (get listed).
LGBT Pride
LGBT Pride
Version 1.08
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